Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Animal Welfare roadtrip

It is with great joy that today I publicly announce my plan to base my worldly travels on research for this blog and other future endeavours relating to the welfare of all creatures, great & small.

Rather than walk the very beaten paths to popular holiday destinations and sit on beaches sipping cocktails or visiting theme parks, I have decided to dedicate my spare time to living a life less ordinary. To get off the beaten track and delve into the culture of a region. Research how and more importantly why even some of the most religious of cultures differentiate between the way they engage with their fellow man, and the way they engage with non-human living beings.

Im anticipating my journey to start in the coming weeks with a trip to south-east Asia (predominantly Thailand initially). I envisage that following trips will involve the Middle East region and Gulf States (the apparent "mothership" of the exotic animal trade) and onward to the sub-continent of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka etcetera. Ultimately I would love to one day make it to Africa also.

While in these countries I hope to investigate for myself the current standard of animal law (i.e. specific to the capture, trade and breeding legislation), animal welfare (i.e. street animals, animal health, food production slaughter standards & the treatment of "beasts of burden") & the quality of the countries zoos and sanctuaries.

I hope I can find balance in all regions between the negatives and positives (this is my holiday time and life savings after all!) and I hope you dear readers can join me on my journey and find motivation from my blog to join the fight for better standards for animals worldwide.

Watch this space......